Why use thermal transfer printing?

Industry, power, telecommunications companies, company fixed assets, etc. all require a lot of management that is different from traditional labels. These labels must withstand the test of time, remain unchanged for a long time, the text must be stored for a long time, cannot fade, cannot be worn due to contact with solvents, cannot be deformed and discolored due to high temperature, etc., so it is necessary to use a special material for printing media and Printing materials to ensure these characteristics, so there is the emergence of thermal transfer technology. Thermal transfer technology, simply put, is to use a special carbon ribbon to transfer the toner coating on the carbon ribbon to paper or other types of materials by heating through the working principle similar to the print head of a fax machine. Since the coating material on the carbon ribbon can be selected according to the needs, it produces strong adhesion, and the choice of printing medium can ensure that the printed handwriting will not be affected by the outside world.

List of thermal transfer labels:

Commodities: price labels, product description labels, shelf labels, barcode labels, drug labels.

Management: Book labels, vehicle inspection labels, security labels, property labels.

Office: Labels for documents and documents, labels for file preservation, labels for various items and stationery.

Chemical industry: labeling of paint materials, packaging labeling of gasoline engine oil products and labeling of various special solvent products.

Thermal transfer label printer, a powerful tool for multi-industry printing

Handheld portable label printer, intelligent and portable, it really effectively solves the troubles of industrial, electric power and telecommunication company workers making labels on site. VariMark labeling machine has a variety of printing modes such as continuous printing, continuous printing, and mirror printing. At the same time, according to specific needs, it is equipped with label tape consumables of different label types, widths and colors. In order to facilitate the staff to save at any time, the VariMark label printer can store 20 files. The staff can save the commonly used equipment identification label types, and when they need to print, they can directly call the print.