Why is product labeling so important?

Shoppers don’t just blindly choose any product from the shelf. Research consistently shows that people consume with their eyes first. Whether it is food, auto parts, electronic products or health care products, having a distinctive label is the first impression consumers have of a product. For many brands, the label can be one of the most recognizable features of the packaging. Here are some points that explain why product labeling is so important.

provide information

Product stickers are an important part of the packaging process, providing a vast array of benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. Stickers provide vital information about the product that can be used for identification, authentication, tracking and traceability. They also add aesthetic value to the packaging and can be used as a form of advertising or marketing.

Product stickers can help with inventory management by providing details such as product name, price, expiration date, lot number and manufacturer. This allows retailers to keep track of stock levels and ensure accurate pricing. by displaying an item’s unique identifier. Furthermore, product stickers can help prevent counterfeiting by using unique codes and barcodes that are difficult to duplicate or tamper with.

Labels help shoppers understand a product’s contents and ingredients. For food products, it is especially important to provide detailed information for consumers who may have health restrictions or other concerns such as allergies. Listing sugar, sodium, gluten, and other ingredients allows consumers to immediately identify if a food is interfering with their health in any way.

Additional information labels can be used as a guide for the proper use of the product. For example, dosage for appropriate weight or age, how often the product should be consumed, or even whether it needs to be shaken before opening. Labels also communicate potential hazards, risks or interactions. Printing such instructions on the label can provide insight into how consumers can obtain the maximum efficacy and enjoyment of the product.

Create a brand

Brand identity is closely connected with labels, and a good brand identity can immediately grab the attention of customers. People become brand loyal and often connect what they see with what they will buy. For example, they might not remember the name of the product or its exact ingredients, but will know that it has a green label with a red star, or that it has a large blue rectangle with yellow letters. In fact, studies have shown that

Product stickers can also be used as a form of advertising or marketing tool. By displaying company logos, slogans or promotional messages on their products, companies have a more efficient way of getting their message out there without having to spend money on expensive print ads or television campaigns. Moreover, they can target specific markets with tailored messages based on regional trends and consumer preferences.

Another benefit of using product stickers is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of labeling technology such as RFID tags. Stickers are also durable and waterproof so they last longer in harsh environments like refrigerators or freezers productial which is particularly favoured. , because most modern printers allow for full-color printing at low cost per unit it makes them an even more attractive option for businesses looking to save money while still delivering high-quality labels for their customers.

Color on labels increases brand recognition by 80%.

The typeface and information on the label will also convey important information to consumers, such as whether the item is current or looks dated. “That was the 80s” is not a compliment unless the product hopes to appeal to a retro target audience.

stand out from the competition

Today’s shoppers have many choices. For any product to have a chance in the market, it has to stand out on a crowded shelf. A label with the right color, shape and font can make a product pop and not go unnoticed. In addition to being attractive, informative labels can also grab the attention of consumers. For example, as interest in sustainability explodes, brands can use labels to educate shoppers about their environmental efforts.

Are you ready?

Research shows that 60% of shoppers are less likely to purchase a product when the label does not provide enough information. That’s why we believe every great product should have a great label.

their products; it’s efficient, cost-effective, secure and provides great promotional opportunities too!

Whether you need to design (or redesign) product labels or prepare them for production, UniPrint can provide the high-quality labels you need to meet your requirements. How can we help you? Let’s talk.

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