What kinds of materials are there for label paper

Label paper of different materials is suitable for different fields and needs to be matched with different printers. If you choose wrongly, it will not only affect the appearance of the label, but also seriously affect the print head of the printer. printer and shorten the life of the printer! The following is a popular science for everyone, what are the common types of label paper, and how to choose the right label paper? Let’s see~

1. Thermal label paper

Heat-sensitive paper is a kind of processed paper, which is coated with a layer of “heat-sensitive paint” (also known as “heat-sensitive color-changing layer”) on high-quality photosensitive base paper. Smooth glossy paper with thermal coating, suitable for thermal printers only.

label paper 1

Types: thermal paper (adhesive), thermal self-adhesive, thermal synthetic paper, transparent thermal synthetic paper, thermal cardboard.

Principle: After the thermal paper is put into the printer, the colorless dye and the developer undergo a chemical reaction under a certain temperature environment to produce color and shape graphics, that is, thermal imaging.

Application fields:

① Thermal paper is often used in fax machines, that is, fax paper;

② Used as recording materials in medical and measurement systems, such as electrocardiogram and thermograph recording paper;

③ In terms of business, it is mostly used to make trademarks, code signs (POS), receipts, etc.

④ Commonly used in logistics, warehousing and other fields, as well as price labels and reminder labels.

Features: Wide application, low cost, high cost performance.

Kind tips:

Thermal paper should avoid long-term exposure to environments above 50°C or direct sunlight to protect the image quality of the product.

2. PVC label paper

PVC is the English abbreviation of vinyl, which is a polymer material with high flexibility and soft touch.

label paper 2

Application fields: very wide, often used outdoors, subway warning reminders, guide signs, etc.

Features: waterproof, not easily corroded by acid and alkali, heat-resistant, good electrical insulation.

Kind tips:

PVC label paper has poor degradability and cannot be recycled, which has a negative impact on environmental protection.

3. PET label paper

The English abbreviation of PET plastic is “PET”, which has good optical properties and weather resistance; has excellent gas barrier, water barrier, oil barrier, and odor barrier properties; the surface is smooth and shiny, non-toxic and tasteless, good hygiene and safety, transparency and The gloss is relatively high, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays.

label paper 3

Application fields:

①It can be directly used in food packaging;

②Applicable to the electrical and electronic and automotive industries;

③Used in various coil coils, transformers, TV sets, tape recorder parts and casings, automobile lamp holders, lampshades, incandescent lamp holders, relays, selenium rectifiers, etc.

Features: waterproof, acid/alkali corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good electrical insulation.

4. Coated paper label paper

Coated paper, also known as printing coated paper, is coated with a layer of white paint on the surface of base paper. After super calendering treatment, the paper surface is smooth, with high whiteness, good ink absorption and ink retention, and is a very good foundation. Suitable for thermal transfer printing.

label paper 4

Types: single-sided coated paper, double-sided coated paper, matt coated paper, fabric coated paper.

Application fields: Coated paper commonly used in printers is barcode printers, which are widely used in industrial production lines, inventory management, supermarkets, clothing labels and other places where labels are widely used.

Features: Divided into matt, plain and bright colors, with good color reproduction and moderate thickness.

Kind tips:

This powder is easy to stick and fall off when it is damp, so it should not be stored for a long time.

The above are four kinds of label paper widely used in production and daily life. Different materials have different properties and are suitable for different fields. Choose label paper carefully~

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