What is the use of dumb silver self adhesive

Dumb silver PET self-adhesive label industry is simply called, dumb silver dragon, Xiaoyinlong self-adhesive label. It is a polymer material material PET, PET is the English abbreviation of polyester film. Therefore, everyone is often referred to as PET dumb silver paper, dumb silver PET self-adhesive label, dumb silver PET barcode paper, etc.

Advantages of Dumb Silver PERT Stickers

Dumb silver PET self-adhesive labels have excellent stain resistance, impermeability and solvent corrosion resistance, long storage time, good viscosity, heat resistance, firm tear resistance, stable specifications, clear handwriting and scratch resistance, silver-white metallic luster, color The saturation is well-proportioned and the texture is flexible. Many industries need to use it. In the packaging industry, unusual outer packaging can significantly increase the sales of goods, and can clearly convey the meaning of well-known brands.

Dumb silver PET self-adhesive label is a special type of self-adhesive label for luminous heating electrical equipment, which can effectively prevent the surface of the label from turning yellow and falling off due to high temperature, and store the label information for a long time, and the service life is longer. It is very suitable for labels of outdoor and higher quality regulations, and its colors are generally matte silver, matte white, bright silver, pure white and fully transparent. According to the wall thickness, it is divided into 25 fan (1 fan = 1um), 50 fan, 75 fan and other specifications. The polyester material is thin but has high hardness. The surface coating is beneficial to the adhesion of printing ink, but it must be dried by UV sunlight. The adhesive with excellent performance is suitable for a variety of surfaces.

Classification of dumb silver PET self-adhesive labels:

  1. Bright silver PET: brighter than general PET materials.
  2. Dumb silver PET: a little darker than general PET materials.
  3. Brushed silver PET: The surface of the material itself has periodic patterns.
    Continuous friction and scratching, it will not fade, and it is safer and more environmentally friendly, suitable for making a variety of durable labels.

The use of dumb silver PET self-adhesive

Dumb silver pet self-adhesive labels are favored by many electronic device manufacturers, and the application is more convenient and safer. Dumb silver can be used in all seasons and is widely used in electronic equipment, such as display screens, copiers, and various electronic products. Adapters, telephones, mobile phones, toilet utensils, skin care products, jewelry, various household appliances, machinery and equipment commodities and other commodity logos. (The heat resistance of different materials is different) It can be done by plating and so on. The stronger the sticker, the longer the storage time and the more environmentally friendly.

The use of dumb silver self-adhesive is becoming more and more popular with crafters, as it is a great way to add a metallic touch to your projects. This adhesive is easy to use and can be applied in a variety of ways, making it perfect for all kinds of crafts.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your dumb silver self-adhesive:
  1. Use it to decorate cards and scrapbooks.

Adding a metallic touch to your cards and scrapbooks can really make them stand out. The adhesive can be used to create borders, add detail, or simply overlay some text or images. It’s also a great way to add some shine and glamour to your pages.

  1. Use it for home décor projects.

The adhesive can also be used for home décor projects. For example, you could use it to create a mirror frame, embellish a picture frame, or add detail to a lampshade. It’s also perfect for creating Christmas decorations or other festive items.

  1. Experiment with different techniques.

The great thing about the adhesive is that you can experiment with different techniques to get different results. You could try using different brushes or applicators, layering the adhesive, or adding other elements like glitter or sequins. Be creative and have fun with it!

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