What is a ribbon

The carbon ribbon is composed of two parts: the axis and the carbon ribbon. The conventional axis size is 1 inch and 0.5 inches. The carbon ribbon product is composed of inner leader, ribbon body, outer leader and label from the inside to the outside. The inner lead mainly plays the role of leveling the main body of the ribbon, because the paper tube itself has grooves; the main body of the ribbon is divided into outer carbon and inner carbon, which is mainly related to the coating method; the outer lead is mainly used for traction and The role of cleaning the print head.

It can be simply divided into the following four types:

Wax-based carbon ribbons: products with wax and carbon black as the main materials as coating materials;

Resin ribbon: used for chemical product packaging, or must be resistant to high temperature, used for heating parts of electrical appliances, or must be printed on special chemical products such as PET;

Half-fat and half-wax carbon ribbon: a product that uses wax and resin as the main material as the coating material;

Washable cloth ribbon: excellent chemical properties such as scratch resistance, smear resistance, alcohol resistance, etc., after washing, it can still keep the image clear.

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