what are self adhesive labels

Self-adhesive, also called self-adhesive label material, is a composite material with paper, film or special material as the fabric, adhesive on the back, and silicon-coated protective paper as the backing paper. Due to the variety of coating technologies, the self-adhesive materials have different grades. The development direction is from the traditional roller coating and blade coating to the high-pressure casting coating to ensure the uniformity of the coating to the greatest extent. , to avoid the generation of air bubbles and pinholes, and ensure the coating quality.

Self-adhesive labels are roughly divided into paper self-adhesive labels and film self-adhesive labels.

Paper self-adhesive labels are mainly used for liquid washing products and popular personal care products; film materials are mainly used for medium and high-end daily chemical products.

how to use self adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels are the most commonly used type of label paper at present. Many people want to know how ordinary printers print self-adhesive labels. In fact, no matter what type of paper, it is a piece of paper in the eyes of the printer. , as long as it can be put in, it can be printed, but the printing effect will not be ideal, and it will also cause damage to the printer.

How ordinary printers print self-adhesive labels

If an ordinary printer prints self-adhesive, first of all, your printer must support printing paper of this material, then you connect the printer to the computer, and then install a label software, you can print, and you can set various kinds of paper in it. There is no requirement for paper material and printer, that is, as long as your printer supports printing this kind of paper, it can be connected and printed, just like a self-adhesive label. When setting, you can set it according to the actual paper size. Can print directly.

Both ordinary laser printers and inkjet printers can print self-adhesive labels, but there are many caveats:

1. In the print properties, set it to sticker or thick paper mode.

2. Laser printers and inkjet printers use inkjet printing paper suitable for their own, but matte self-adhesive labels are recommended.

3. The overflowing printing paper will reduce the drum or transfer belt of laser printers, and the service life of nozzles of inkjet printers.

The laser printer will heat up. After the self-adhesive is preheated, the glue will stick to the paper feed roller, which will cause failure after long-term use. The drum core is worn out!

The inkjet printer does not heat, but the surface of the sticker is smooth and does not absorb ink, and the printing effect is poor! Long-term operation of the paper wheel will also cause troubles due to viscose!

The print is definitely printable, just change the printing preference to sticker or thick paper. However, for toner cartridges, the drum core is severely worn. If you use a fixing film and a fixing machine, the wear and tear will be very fast, and it is easy to jam after heating. It is recommended to use an inkjet printer to print self-adhesive labels.

shelf life of adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels are still very common in our lives, and its application range is also very wide, such as in industry, electronics, logistics and express delivery and other industries are very common. Everyone knows that there is glue on the self-adhesive label, but if it is placed for a long time, the glue will lose its adhesion, so it is a very particular thing for us to store the self-adhesive label. Let’s talk about it. The storage of self-adhesive labels should pay attention to the following matters.

1. It can be stored for one year under the relative humidity of 23±2°C and RH65±5%, and some glues can reach two years.

2. Stickers should be protected from direct sunlight, moisture, sunlight, high temperature, and high temperature resistance.

3. After packaging the printed labels, they should be stacked, not too heavy to prevent the glue from penetrating.

4. When placing self-adhesive stickers, it should be sealed with moisture-proof paper or film. The packaging should be stacked upright, the flat board should be flat, the height of each board should not exceed 1m, and the distance between the goods and the ground (sand wood) should be more than 10cm.

5. The label should have an outer packaging. It is recommended to seal the packaging with plastic film. It should be sealed and packaged again after each use. It can also provide good storage conditions for the label.

6. Regarding self-adhesive labels, there is a shelf life, so if we store the self-adhesive labels for a long time, it will lead to the quality of later use and the viscosity will decrease, so we have to implement it according to the above content.

self adhesive label uses

1. Paper self-adhesive labels are mainly used for liquid washing products and popular personal care products; film materials are mainly used for medium and high-end daily chemical products. At present, popular personal care products and household liquid washing products occupy a large proportion in the market, so the corresponding paper materials are used more.

2. Film self-adhesive labels are commonly used PE, PP, PVC and other synthetic materials. The film materials are mainly white, matt and transparent.

Since the printability of film materials is not very good, corona treatment or coating is generally added to the surface to enhance its printability. In order to prevent some film materials from being deformed or torn during the printing and labeling process, some materials will also undergo directional treatment and be uniaxially stretched or biaxially stretched. For example, biaxially stretched BOPP materials are quite common.

The application field of self-adhesive labels is quite extensive.

Common barcode labels include drug labels, food labels, wine labels, battery labels, carton labels, shampoo labels, barcode labels, temporary labels for semi-finished products, and so on. Film-based, mainly used for decorative decals on automobiles and motorcycles, logo texts on trademark windows, reflective films on highways, markings on containers, etc.

how do you use self adhesive labels

1. Before using different types of self-adhesive labels, be sure to test the type of self-adhesive to see if the self-adhesive belongs to self-adhesive, heat-sealing adhesive or adhesive paper. Some adhesives chemically react with certain substances. For example, self-adhesive labels used as signs will contaminate some special fabrics under certain conditions. Some labels that require short-term tack will develop persistent tack under exposure conditions. On the other hand, some labels that require long-lasting adhesion will lose adhesion on some surfaces.

2. Problems often arise when using self-adhesive labels and other labels on the surface of recycled paper. During the recycling process, there are many different types of paper, some of which can be contaminated with a coating of silicon or wax, so that mixing can contaminate the final recycled product. Adhesives tend to lose their effectiveness when labels are used on these contaminated recycled paper surfaces. NOTE: The purpose of the silicone coating in the sticker is to ensure that the sticker can be easily separated from the liner.

3. Too low temperature can also cause problems. Low temperatures will slow down the bonding speed and the label may have peeled off the surface before the adhesive sticks to the surface. If labels are stored improperly, with large ambient temperature differences, large humidity fluctuations, or improperly stacked. Labels lose tack quickly after use. One of the most important factors in the effective use of self-adhesive labels is proper peeling of the self-adhesive from the surface of the liner.

Reminder: Many people mistakenly lift and pull down the left or right corner of the label, which will weaken the adhesiveness of the adhesive in the contact part, and also destroy the “surface fibers” in the material, causing the label to curl. The correct way to use self-adhesive labels is to keep the label as straight as possible, and peel off the backing paper from the center of the top or bottom end, which can ensure that the label sticks well to the surface of the object.

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