UV anti-counterfeiting ribbon

UV anti-counterfeiting ribbon adopts advanced UV anti-counterfeiting ink to apply it in thermal transfer ribbon, and can use small thermal transfer label printer to achieve personalized printing, saying goodbye to the cumbersome batch printing of large printing presses. And can achieve a variety of anti-counterfeiting effects. At present, our company has launched: color-changing series: black is green, black is red, black is blue, black is yellow.
Transparent fluorescent series: transparent blue, transparent yellow, transparent green, transparent red, etc.
Fluorescent series: UV red UV blue UV green UV yellow, etc.
Different anti-counterfeiting effects can be observed under the currency detector. Different effects can be customized according to customer requirements.
Anti-counterfeiting ribbon, high-definition printing, obvious discoloration effect under UV lamp, strong gloss, high density, good scratch resistance, high-speed printing, saving carbon ribbon, and wide material adaptability.
Anti-counterfeiting effect: black to green, black to red, black to blue, invisible to blue, invisible to yellow.
Applicable materials: coated paper, coated paper, tag, glazing paper, paper with rough surface, synthetic paper (PET, PVC) PVC card, etc.
Scope of application: checks, travel tickets, invoices, train tickets, high-end product packaging, certificates, membership cards, etc.
Applicable printers: flat-bed label printers, edge-pressure label printers, card printers.

UV anti-counterfeiting black to green/red ribbon model:
Basic width: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 (mm)
Basic length: 90, 300, 450, 600 (m)
Ribbon hub: 1 inch, 1/2 inch
Ribbon roll direction: outer carbon/inner carbon (inner carbon is specially customized)
Axle bayonet: bayonet/no bayonet

【Note】: Various sizes and specifications of ribbons can be customized according to your needs.

UV anti-counterfeiting black to green/red wax-based ribbon
Features: Excellent paper adaptability, high sensitivity, high-definition printing effect, affordable price, long-lasting performance
Application industry: general-purpose label printing such as price labels, product name labels, clothing tags, train tickets, packaging labels, barcode labels, etc.

Applicable media: coated paper, thermal paper, synthetic paper, glossy paper, writing paper, etc.

UV anti-counterfeiting black to green/red mixed base ribbon

Features: The advantages of wax-based and resin-based high resolution, application of various materials, excellent printing effect

Application Industries: Warehousing, Shipping, Warehouse and Receiving Labels, Case and Packaging Labels, Shipping and Addressing Labels, Product Labels, Apparel Tag Printing and Fabric, Nursery and Wood

Applicable media: coated paper labels and tags (thermal transfer paper, mirror coated paper), polyethylene film (PE), polypropylene film (BOPP), polyester film (PET)

UV anti-counterfeiting black to green/red resin ribbon

Features: Durability, friction resistance, high temperature resistance, can be matched with a variety of media, good anti-fouling and scratch resistance

Application industry: Specially used in harsh occasions such as: shipping, warehouse and receiving labels; chemical barrels, products and storage; production process and assets, automobiles, etc.

Applicable media: polyethylene film (PE), polypropylene film (BOPP); polyester (PET) and polyimide; vinyl; washed cloth

UV anti-counterfeiting black to green/red water-washed ribbon

Features: Washing labels are mostly used in the clothing industry because of their material characteristics; with washing carbon ribbon printing, the font pattern is clear, not easy to discolor or fade, more resistant to washing, and has strong scratch resistance and corrosion resistance.

Application industry: clothing, shoes and hats, luggage, washing and other manufacturing industries

Applicable media: ribbon, washing cloth, ingredient label, special for clothing, washing label, etc.

UV anti-counterfeiting black to green/red ribbon applicable equipment


Industrial printers: Zebra ZM400/ZM600/105SL, TEC852, SATO408E”;

Commercial printers: TEC452, CITIZEN631, ZEBRA Z6M;

Desktop small printer: ZEBRA888/2844, TSC243E/244/245, ARGOX-100, GODEXEZ1000″.

UV Anti-Counterfeiting Black to Green/Red Ribbon Shipping and Storage

In order to ensure the best performance, please try to use, transport and store the ribbon according to the following environmental requirements

  1. Storage and transportation environment: 5℃-35℃, 45%-85% relative humidity;
  2. Transportation environment: -5°C-45°C, 20%-85% relative humidity, no more than one month;
  3. Storage environment: -5℃-40℃, 20%-85%, one year;
  4. Please do not expose the ribbon directly to sunlight and humidity to avoid unnecessary damage to the ribbon.

UV anti-counterfeiting black to green/red ribbon packaging

Single roll packaging: Transparent lead with “Ownlikes” Logo, coat OPP bag
Standard small box: Ricoh original carton 351513.5cm

Standard outer box: carton ①362839cm ②362826cm