TOP 5 ways to clean up stickers

Everyone in life will use self-adhesive. Compared with traditional labels, self-adhesive labels have the advantages of no need to brush glue, no paste, no need to dip in water, no pollution, and save labeling time. They have a wide range of applications and are used It’s quick and easy to get up. While self-adhesive brings convenience to our life, its difficulty in cleaning also brings us a lot of troubles. I believe that many people will encounter the scene where the self-adhesive cannot be wiped off or removed. Not only will it leave unsightly marks, but if there is glue on windows, glass, etc., it may even damage the substrate during scraping and cleaning.

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In fact, we have many small coups to remove stubborn stickers more conveniently. Next, we will share some small coups in life with you.

  1. Heating the stickers: You can use the hot air of a hair dryer to heat the stickers. After a period of time, you can slowly clean and shovel the stickers. This method is easier to use and convenient in life, but The disadvantage is that it may damage the substrate due to heating, such as some plastics, which are easily softened by heat.
  2. Use balm and alcohol: apply balm or alcohol evenly on the surface of the sticker, wait for a few minutes and then start cleaning. Generally speaking, the sticker can be easily removed with nails at this time and Will not leave offset printing, friendly reminder, pay attention to safety when using flammable liquids to avoid accidents.
  3. Use an eraser: Use an eraser to erase the traces on the surface of the sticker. This method will take a lot of effort. You need to use an eraser to erase the stickers until the traces disappear. This method is simple but time-consuming. Sometimes the effect may not be ideal.
  4. Use hand cream: The hand cream contains a certain amount of water and surfactants. Apply the hand cream on the self-adhesive area, and it can penetrate quickly to remove the traces of the self-adhesive.
  5. Use self-adhesive remover: Use a professional self-adhesive remover, spray it on the place where the self-adhesive needs to be removed, and wait for two minutes to penetrate to remove the traces left by the self-adhesive. Self-adhesive remover can not only quickly and conveniently remove the remaining traces of self-adhesive, but also will not damage the substrate, with strong removal effect and no side effects. Under conditions, it is undoubtedly the best choice to use self-adhesive remover, especially when removing large quantities of self-adhesive.

The quality of self-adhesive removers on the market is uneven. When we choose, it is best to look for brand-name products. Inferior-quality self-adhesive removers may not only produce harmful odors to the human body, but may also damage the surface material, which is not worth the candle.

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