Resin-based carbon ribbon

Resin-based carbon ribbon for washing water mark/washing cloth

Washing Mark, also known as Washing Label, Washing Cloth, Care Label, Wash Label, will mark the fabric composition of the clothes and the correct washing method: such as dry cleaning/machine washing/hand washing, whether it can be bleached, drying method, ironing temperature requirements It is used to guide the user to properly wash and maintain the clothes; the washing water mark is generally placed under or beside the main mark in the back collar, the middle back waist, or at the position of the side seam.

Material characteristics of washing water mark: It can be washed repeatedly, and it can be oil-proof. It is generally used in clothing, shoes and hats, leather goods and other industries. To print washing labels/washing cloth labels, cloth full resin carbon tapes must be used.

◇ Excellent high-quality, high-speed printing performance;
◇ After ironing at a high temperature of 150℃, the quality is even better;
◇ When printing continuously, there is no sticking to the washed label;
◇ Excellent scratch resistance, smear resistance, and alcohol resistance and other chemical properties;
◇ Durable to washing, after washing with detergents (including dry cleaning methods), it still maintains a clear image.

◇ Garment washing label;
◇ shoes and hats wash label;
◇ leather washing label.

Applicable media:

◇ paper;
◇ film;
◇ Textiles;
◇ Fabric coated label;
◇ Coated paper, artificial synthetic paper.
Storage Requirements:

In order to ensure excellent performance, please use, transport and store the ribbon according to the following environmental requirements.

Use environment: 5℃-35℃, 45%-85% relative humidity;
Transportation environment: -5°C-45°C, 20%-85% relative humidity, no more than one month;
Storage environment: -5℃-40℃, 20%-85%, no more than one year.

Note: Exposing the ribbon to direct sunlight and humidity will damage the ribbon.

Ribbon Specifications:

Ribbon roll direction: outer carbon, inner carbon;
Basic width (mm): 35, 40;
Basic length (m): 100, 300;
Ribbon spindle: 1 inch, 1/2 inch.