wax resin ribbon

Suitable for Substrate
Wax Ribbon
Semi-gloss coated paper, thermal paper, woodfree paper, kraft paper, label paper tag, price labels.rough paper, smooth paper,

synthetic paper

Economic Wax Ribbon
Premium Wax Ribbon
Color Wax Ribbon
Wax Resin Ribbon (Flat Head)
Semi-gloss coated paper, thermal paper, woodfree paper, kraft paper, tag, price labels, matte coated paper, PP synthetic

paper,fluorescent, paper, stained labels, PET , PVC, BOPP, PE.

Color Wax/Resin Ribbon (Flat Head)
Near Edge Wax/Resin Ribbon(TTO)
Resin Ribbon
Semi -gloss coated paper, PET, PVC, PE, PP, etc.
Color Resin Ribbon
Wash Resin Ribbon
Woven fabric , care labels, Satin ribbon, nylon ribbon, polyester fabric, artificial silk, fibers.
The Strongest Resin Ribbon
Suitable for synthetic label printing, with anti – alcohol and gasoline wipe characteristics.
Outdoor Premium Color Resin Ribbon
Outdoor label (UV irradiation over 216h,weather resistance period is more than 6 years in outdoor,with strong chemical corrosion
resistance,high temperature resistance up to 370°C)
Card Resin Ribbon


Wax resin ribbons are a type of ribbon that is used in thermal transfer printing. They are a popular choice for printing labels and barcodes because they offer a good balance of durability and print quality. Some of the advantages of wax resin ribbons include the following:

  1. Durability: Wax resin ribbons are known for their ability to withstand harsh environments and a wide range of temperatures. This makes them ideal for use in applications where the labels or barcodes need to remain legible for long periods of time, even in challenging conditions.
  2. High-quality printing: Wax resin ribbons produce clear and crisp prints, with sharp lines and fine details. This makes them suitable for printing barcodes and other detailed images that need to be easily readable by scanners and other devices.
  3. Versatility: Wax resin ribbons can be used on a wide range of label materials, including coated and uncoated papers, synthetics, and films. This allows them to be used in a variety of applications, from shipping labels and product labels to industrial labels and more.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Wax resin ribbons are generally more affordable than other types of ribbons, such as wax or resin ribbons. This makes them a good choice for businesses on a budget that need to print a large number of labels or barcodes.

Overall, wax resin ribbons are a reliable and cost-effective choice for businesses that need to print high-quality labels and barcodes that can withstand challenging conditions.

wax resin ribbon

wax resin ribbon