Waterproof Self Adhesive Sticker

Product Item
PP Synthesis Paper
Adhesive paper
customized color
Customized Size/Shape
Small/Large orders will be acceptable
Surface Material
PP Synthesis Paper
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
water base
White glassine
Storage way
a cool shelter, prevent sun point-blank, keep in the environment of 23±2℃
temperature and 60±5% humidity for two years.


Waterproof Self Adhesive Sticker is a popular choice for labels, signs, and decals that need to be long-lasting and durable. The waterproof self-adhesive material is designed to stick firmly to surfaces in any environment, even wet or humid conditions.

The stickers are easy to apply with a simple peel-and-stick design that can be applied with no additional adhesive needed. They also come in various sizes and shapes, making them ideal for creating custom designs and applications. Plus, the self-adhesive backing prevents slippage when applied on curved or uneven surfaces.

Waterproof Self Adhesive Sticker can be used outdoors since it’s UV stable and resists extreme weather conditions such as rain and snow. It’s also resistant to salt water corrosion, making it perfect for use near the ocean or other areas where saltwater exposure is a concern. In addition, the stickers won’t fade over time due to their excellent pigmentation quality – guaranteeing your design looks its best even after years of application!