Wash Care Thermal Transfer Ribbon(Black)

Introducing the Wash Care Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Black) – your go-to solution for all your labeling needs in the textile and apparel industry. This high-demand ribbon stands out in the market for its smooth surface and exceptional durability, making it the preferred choice for professionals in need of reliable and long-lasting label printing.

The Wash Care Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Black) is specially designed for printing labels in the textile and apparel industry. Its sleek and smooth surface ensures precise and high-quality printing results, meeting the stringent requirements of this industry. Whether you need to print care labels, branding tags, or other essential information, this ribbon delivers outstanding print quality every time.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Durability: This ribbon is built to withstand the rigors of various washing and ironing processes. It is resistant to dry cleaning, home laundering, industrial washing, and ironing, ensuring that your labels stay intact and legible even after multiple wash cycles.
  2. Wide Range of Applications: The Wash Care Thermal Transfer Ribbon finds applications in a multitude of industries, including logistics, inventory management, textile and apparel manufacturing, packaging labels, pharmaceutical companies, electronics, medical laboratories, and retail labels. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset for businesses across different sectors.


  • Logistics: Ideal for labeling products during shipping and transportation.
  • Inventory Management: Perfect for marking and tracking inventory items.
  • Textile and Apparel Applications: Used extensively for printing care labels, size labels, and brand tags on clothing items.
  • Packaging Labels: Ensures clear and durable labels on product packaging.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies: Suitable for labeling medications and pharmaceutical products.
  • Electronics: Provides legible labeling for electronic components and devices.
  • Medical Laboratories: Used for labeling medical equipment and samples.
  • Retail Labels: Perfect for creating price tags, shelf labels, and product information labels in retail environments.

In conclusion, the Wash Care Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Black) is the reliable choice for all your labeling needs, offering exceptional print quality and durability across a wide range of applications. When you choose our ribbon, you can trust that your labels will remain intact and legible, no matter the environment or conditions.

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