Self adhesive fragile labels stickers rolls

Self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls are an essential tool for any business owner or packaging expert to have. They help to clearly identify fragile products and materials, as well as provide extra protection during shipping and transportation. Self-adhesive labels are incredibly easy to use, require minimal effort to apply, and can be tailored to meet the needs of any business.

Item name Self adhesive fragile labels stickers rolls 130mmx70mm
Size 130mm*70mm(5.12″x2.76″)
Brand  Hangzhou Sinoco
Paper material High Grade Coated Paper
Glue material Super strong adhesion environmental protection glue
Applications Shipping,Packing,Moving


Bright Printing, Noticeable Wording,Super Sticky


self adhesive fragile labels stickers rolls


Self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls are a great way to make sure that packages and shipments are properly labeled and accounted for. These labels provide not only an effective way for shippers to quickly identify their items, but also protect them from accidental damage or mishandling during transit.

One of the primary advantages of using self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls is their convenience. These labels are easy to apply and can be placed on any smooth surface. They can also be applied quickly without the need for additional tools or materials, which makes them ideal for large scale shipping operations. Furthermore, they’re lightweight and durable, so they won’t add unnecessary weight to packages or become easily damaged in transit.

Another advantage of self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls is that they allow you to customize your labeling solution based on your company’s specific needs. You can print text, barcodes, logos or graphics on these labels, allowing you to effectively communicate important information about your products or services. Additionally, these labels have a convenient adhesive backing that allows them to stick firmly onto almost any type of surface without leaving any residue behind when removed.

Finally, self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls offer increased security when it comes to protecting valuable items during transportation. By clearly marking packages as delicate items with these specially designed labels, you can ensure that your shipments arrive in perfect condition every time and reduce the chances of costly returns due to damaged goods. Moreover, these stickers are often laminated with a protective coating that helps prevent tampering or fading over time so you can rest assured that your product information remains legible long after it has been delivered.

In conclusion, self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls provide a cost-effective and efficient solution when it comes to labeling shipments and protecting them against potential damage during transit. Not only do they offer superior convenience by being quick and easy to apply without extra tools or materials required, but also feature customizable printing options as well as enhanced security features such as tamperproof coatings for added peace of mind during shipment.

self adhesive fragile labels stickers rolls