Self-adhesive fragile label

Product name
Custom Sticker Label
Customized Size / Die-Cut Shape for Custom Sticker
CMYK , PMS,Pantone
Advertising/custom sticker
Surface Disposal
Glossy or Matt Lamination,UV Varnishing,Golden or Silver Hot Stamping,Drop Plastic
CMYK & Pantone Printing,Offset Printing ,Hot Stamping ,Screen Printing,Bronzing,Metalic Silver and Gold Print


Self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls provide an ideal way to alert handlers and shippers that the items they are handling need to be handled with care. Label stickers are an essential piece of equipment for any warehouse or shipping facility that needs to safely transport fragile items and materials. They can help prevent costly damage or breakage during transit, while also providing real-time alerts so shippers know when extra caution is required.


One of the key advantages of self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls is their convenience. Unlike other types of labels, these stickers require no additional steps for application; simply peel off the backing and adhere them to a package or surface. This makes them easier and faster to apply than other types of labels, which can save significant time in the long run. Additionally, the adhesive used on these labels is designed not to leave a residue on packages or surfaces after being removed, making them even more convenient for warehouse staff and shippers alike.


Another advantage of self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls is their durability. The adhesive used on these labels is designed to withstand harsh environments, including extreme temperatures and moisture levels. This ensures that they will remain firmly affixed during transit, allowing packages to be easily identified as containing fragile items even if they have been exposed to adverse conditions during shipping. Furthermore, many self-adhesive label materials are waterproof and chemical resistant, meaning they won’t suffer from deterioration due to exposure to harsh chemicals like oil or cleaning solution.


Finally, self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls are highly visible, making it easy for handlers and shippers alike to identify the goods that need careful handling. Most manufacturers offer a variety of colors and designs for these labels which allow customers to customize their labeling process according to their needs – some may opt for black labeling with red lettering while others might choose a bright yellow color with bold black lettering – ensuring maximum visibility at all times throughout the shipment journey.


Overall, self-adhesive fragile label sticker rolls offer numerous advantages over traditional labeling methods due their convenience and durability, combined with ease of use and high visibility levels – all important factors when it comes down ensuring safe handling while transporting delicate goods from point A to point B.

self adhesive fragile label