Ribbon Hot Stamping Printer Compatible All Date Coding Machine Wax

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Ⅰ. Applications:

With the characteristics of good adhesion, no easy-to-wipe, boiling resistance, legible printing, non-pollution, NY series stamp ribbon are widely used on ribbon coder to print clear and instant dry production date, batch No., etc. on plastic film and labels such as PVC, PP/OPP, PE/PET and Aluminum etc. Can print date on packing bags of frozen food, dairy, beverage, pharmacy, etc.

Storage Requirement:
1) Do not put it directly into the highlight, protect from pressure, dampness, heat and sunshine.
2)Place in the ventilated, shaded and cool place.
3)Storage time: within two years.

Ⅱ. Features:
1) Daily production 5000 roll
2) NY SCF stamp foil temperature range: 90 -160°C
3) Size: 20mm x 100m, 25mm x 100m, 30mm x 100m, 30mm x 100m available