Custom Label Product Stickers Roll

With our Custom Label Product Stickers Roll, you can customize your stickers with any design, logo, or message you want. Whether you want to add a special touch to your product packaging or create branded promotional materials, our stickers are the perfect solution.

Our stickers are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. They are easy to apply and will stay in place even through shipping and handling. Our stickers are also water-resistant, so they can be used on products that may come into contact with moisture.

Color CMYK,full color, Pantone color
Size&shape Customized Label Die Cutting,Customized Size Shape
Application Custom Usage Stickers Custom
Design file CDR Al PDF PSD JPG
Delivery Time Noramlly 7-15 Working Days
Material Adhesive printed paper material , speical paper ,Synthetic paper, PE, PET, BOPP,PVC/Vinyl or transparent vinyl are available.
Feature Anti-counterfeit/Anti-counterfeit,Holographic,Waterproof,tear-proof, oil-proof,heat-resistant,Rainbow Reflection,etc.

custom label product stickers roll



  • Fully customizable with your own design and logo
  • Available in various sizes and shapes
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Water-resistant and tear-proof

 Selling Points:

The Custom Label Product Stickers Roll is the perfect branding solution for businesses of all types. Its fully customizable design allows you to create a unique look that sets you apart from the competition. Additionally, its durability and resistance to water and tearing ensure that your labels will last long even in harsh conditions.

Another great selling point of this product is its ease of application and removal. This means that you can easily label your products or packages without any hassle, and remove them when necessary without leaving any residue behind.

Audience Groups:

The Custom Label Product Stickers Roll is ideal for a wide range of audience groups including:

  • Small business owners who need to label their products or packages with their own branding
  • Event planners who need custom labels for decorations or giveaways
  • Individuals who want to add a personal touch to their belongings

Product Applications:

The Custom Label Product Stickers Roll can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Product labeling for small businesses
  • Package labeling for shipping companies
  • Decorative labeling for events or gifts
  • Personalized labeling for belongings

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