Coated adhesive label

This product is suitable for offset, intaglio and flexo printing. Attention should be paid to controlling the viscosity of the ink to avoid the falling off of the coating caused by the over sticky ink. Excellent paper processing performance, suitable for rotary and flat processing. Suitable for hot stamping foil. Avoid excessive rewinding tension, resulting in label overflow. It can be used for indirect contact labeling of food, drugs, cosmetics and other products.


Product code CAG8602
Product name 80g Semi-gloss coated Paper/ Acrylic based adhesive/ 60g White Glassine
Face Stock 80g Semi-gloss coated Paper
Basic liner 60g White Glassine Paper
Adhesive General purpose permanent, acrylic based adhesive
Technical Specification
Item Index Unit Method

Face Stock

Basis weight 80±3% g/m2 GB/T 451.2-2002
Thickness 70±3% µm GB/T 451.3-2002
Whiteness ≧85% GB/T 7974-2002

Basic liner

Basis weight 60±3% g/m2 GB/T 451.2-2002
Thickness 53±3% µm GB/T 451.3-2002
Tensile strength ≥5.0KN/m KN/m GB/T 12914-2018





“Loop” initial tack ≧14 N GB/T 31125-2014
Peel adhes. 90° ≧7 or Tearing State N/25mm GB/T 2792-2014
180°/30m/min   Peel adhes. ≦35g g/㎡ FTM1
Min. appl. temp. 10 ℃
Service temp. -20℃~100℃


Product Description:

The surface of this product is smooth and suitable for ordinary color label printing and blank die-cutting. A comprehensive labeling test should be carried out in the final use environment before use.


Printing and Processing:

This product is suitable for offset, intaglio and flexo printing. Attention should be paid to controlling the viscosity of the ink to avoid the falling off of the coating caused by the over sticky ink. Excellent paper processing performance, suitable for rotary and flat processing. Suitable for hot stamping foil. Avoid excessive rewinding tension, resulting in label overflow. It can be used for indirect contact labeling of  food, drugs, cosmetics and other products.

Storage and Preservation:

At temperature 23 ± 2 ℃, relative humidity 50 ±  5%, the validity period is one year. The products beyond the validity period can still be used after passing the inspection.