Black Super resin ribbon

Our Black Super Resin Ribbon is a high-quality thermal transfer ribbon designed to provide excellent print performance, durability, and resistance to various environmental conditions. It’s perfect for printing on a wide range of substrates, ensuring sharp and consistent images for all your labeling and packaging needs.

Release paper/Liner
60gsm glassine paper(Yellow/White/Blue)
Bottled cosmetics,Beverage bottles,Cans,Jars,boxes,cartons,packages
Delivery time
Production time is about 5-7 working days. sample time is within 2 working days.
Please confirm with us before your formal order
Color, Logo, Brand On Label/Carton Available
Design Service FOR FREE!
Waterproof bag+Carton


Selling Points

  • Exceptional print quality: Achieve crisp, clear, and dark prints with our Black Super Resin Ribbon, ensuring your printed materials always look professional.
  • Enhanced durability: Designed to resist scratches, smudges, and harsh chemicals, our ribbon guarantees long-lasting prints that can withstand tough environments.
  • Wide substrate compatibility: Our Black Super Resin Ribbon works seamlessly with various materials, including coated papers, synthetic labels, and polyesters, making it highly versatile for diverse applications.
  • Easy installation: The ribbon is compatible with a wide range of thermal transfer printers, ensuring a hassle-free setup for your printing projects.


  • High-resolution printing: With excellent edge definition, our Black Super Resin Ribbon delivers high-quality barcodes, graphics, and text.
  • Excellent chemical resistance: The ribbon offers outstanding resistance to common solvents, oils, and cleaning agents, ensuring your prints remain intact in challenging environments.
  • UV light stability: Designed to be fade-resistant, our Black Super Resin Ribbon ensures that your prints will retain their sharpness and legibility under prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Consistent performance: Our ribbon offers consistent print quality and smooth operation throughout its entire length, ensuring you get the most out of every roll.

Target Audience and Product Applications

The Black Super Resin Ribbon is ideal for businesses and industries that require high-quality, durable prints for various applications, such as:

  • Retail: Shelf labeling, product packaging, and price tags
  • Manufacturing: Component labeling, inventory management, and product identification
  • Healthcare: Patient identification, medical equipment labeling, and prescription labels
  • Logistics: Shipping labels, barcodes, and warehouse management

Our Services

At Hangzhou Sinoco Industry Co.,Ltd, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and support. When you choose our Black Super Resin Ribbon, you can expect:

  • Competitive pricing: We offer top-quality products at affordable prices, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.
  • Expert assistance: Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always available to answer your questions and guide you through the selection process.
  • Fast shipping: With our efficient logistics, you can rest assured that your order will be delivered promptly and safely to your doorstep.

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