Barcode Label Tag Sticker

Our barcode label tag stickers are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand harsh environments and daily wear and tear. They are also resistant to water, oil, and chemicals, ensuring that your labels will stay in place and remain legible.

The Barcode Label Tag Sticker is perfect for businesses in a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. Our labels can be used to track inventory, manage assets, and improve supply chain efficiency.

Our barcode label tag stickers are compatible with most barcode printers and software, making them easy to integrate into your existing inventory management system. They are available in a variety of sizes and formats, so you can choose the labels that best meet your needs.


Color White/Yellow/Blue (Or Any Colors As Your Request)
Logo/Brand/Company’s Name Pre-Printed Avaulable
Features Water Proof,Oil Proof,Scratch Proof,Strong Adhesive
Material Semi-gloss paper, Art paper, PP, PET (multilayer label) etc
Sample Sample is free for freight collect
Production time Normaly 15~20 working days
Payment usually use T/T,L/C,sometimes Western Union, Paypal



  • High-quality barcode printing for accuracy and efficiency
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Available in various sizes and shapes
  • Easy to scan with any barcode scanner
  • Customizable with your own design and logo


The Barcode Label Tag Sticker is the perfect inventory management solution for businesses of all types. Its high-quality barcode printing ensures that your inventory data is accurate and efficient, saving you time and money. Additionally, its durability ensures that your labels will last long even in harsh conditions.

Another great selling point of this product is its compatibility with any barcode scanner. This means that you can easily scan your products or inventory without any hassle, making your operations more streamlined.

Moreover, these label tag stickers are fully customizable with your own design and logo, allowing you to create a unique look that represents your brand.

Audience Groups:

The Barcode Label Tag Sticker is ideal for a wide range of audience groups including:


  • Warehouses or factories that require labeling for inventory management purposes
  • Retailers who need to label their products with barcodes for sales tracking
  • Small business owners who need to keep track of their inventory accurately

Product Applications:

The Barcode Label Tag Sticker can be used in a variety of applications including:


  • Inventory management labeling for warehouses or factories
  • Product labeling for retailers
  • Asset tagging for small businesses


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