Adhesive label rolls


Item Type Three types of quality available: ECO thermal, TOP thermal, SEMI thermal
Specification any size can be customize, maximum width 1080mm
Inner core dia: cardboard core: small:28mm, medium: 40mm, large:76mm(3″)
Material Face Material:82gsm eco thermal paper

Adhesive:Water Base Permanent Adhesive,Hot Melt Adhesive

Liner:white/blue/yellow glassine

Applications Shipping Label ,Address Label , Logistics Label,Supermarket electronics Weight Scale labels,Warehouse label
Life Time One Year when stored at 23±2℃ and 50±5% RH
Service Temp: -20℃-+70℃
Liner Blue/White/Yellow Liner

Printing machine: for barcode printer
Applications: Shipping Labels, Shipping Labels, Mailing Labels
Features: fast printing, high definition, smooth scanning, strong viscosity; greatly improved work efficiency

Surface material: Thermal paper is a heat-sensitive coated paper material. It is characterized by high heat sensitivity and is ideal for low pressure printheads, which are well protected in this case. The surface material is divided into three layers: bottom layer: substrate material, middle layer: thermal paper, why can you see the graphics on the thermal paper when heating when printing.
Glue: Category: Emulsion, Hot Melt Adhesive, Removable Adhesive.
Backing paper: Classification: Glassine release paper, white paper, yellow paper, transparent paper
Shelf life: Two years when stored at 24°C and 50% humidity.

Thermal labels can be printed without a ribbon, but the ribbon can protect the print head well.
Applicable ribbon: wax ribbon, wax resin ribbon, resin ribbon.


adhesive label rolls

adhesive label rolls