Color ribbon

color ribbon

Color ribbons are wax-based ribbons, mixed-based ribbons, and colored resin-based ribbons. Models/sizes are 110300, 90300, 80300, 70300, 50300, 40300, 30300, 11090, 110*70, etc. (special specifications can be customized upon request) mm *m.

Classification of color ribbons:
  1. Color wax-based ribbons: blue wax-based ribbons, red wax-based ribbons, and green wax-based ribbons.
  2. Color mixed base ribbon: blue half tree half wax ribbon, green mixed ribbon, white half wax half tree ribbon.
  3. Color resin-based ribbons: blue resin-based ribbons, red all-resin-based ribbons, and white all-resin-based ribbons.

Color ribbon performance characteristics:

Color wax-based ribbons have average scratch/scrub resistance. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution, high density, etc., and has a wide range of applicability, such as plain paper, coated paper, rough paper, smooth paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, etc.

The color mixing base ribbon has better scratch/scrub resistance, which is between the color wax base and the color mixing. With stain resistance, high definition, high resolution, and wide applicability, it is suitable for various labels, such as coated paper, glossy paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, PET, PVC, etc.

Color resin-based ribbons have good scratch/scrub resistance. With excellent scratch resistance, stain resistance, solvent resistance, high resolution, etc., it is suitable for labels of various materials, especially various polyester and plastic labels, such as synthetic paper, PVC, PET, washed labels, etc.