Barcode ribbons are prone to problems and solutions when printing barcodes

Barcode Ribbons can be divided into black and colored according to color; there are three types of ribbons: wax-based ribbon, mixed ribbon and resin ribbon depending on the material.

Barcode printers are divided into thermal printing and thermal transfer printing from the printing mode. When using thermal printing, no carbon ribbon is needed, only thermal paper labels are required. When using thermal transfer printing, ribbon and thermal transfer printing are required. Self-adhesive label paper to print. When we use ribbons to print barcodes, we always encounter some problems. How should we solve them?

  1. Problems: Unclear printing, poor quality, fuzzy and rough edges appear

Solution: When printing, the density adjustment is too light, adjust the density of the print head; if the printing head is installed incorrectly, reinstall the print head.

  1. Problem: The carbon belt appears to deviate

Causes: The platen spring is uneven and the paper limiter is not adjusted according to the label width, not because of the poor quality of the carbon ribbon cutting.
Solution: Adjust the pressure spring and paper limiter.

  1. Problem: There is always a shallow thin line on the printed label

Solution: Generally, it is the problem of the print head. You can clean it according to the method in the operation manual. If it still cannot be solved, the print head is damaged or the data cable of the print head is damaged. You need to contact the supplier for after-sales treatment.
Note: When we use the printer, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the print head. When using different ribbons, we must make corresponding settings. If the temperature is too high, it will not only affect the printing effect, but also affect the life of the print head.

  1. Problem: Ribbon and washing water label stick together

When the barcode printer prints the care label, the carbon ribbon and the care label may stick together. After the care label is pulled off from the carbon ribbon, the content on the care label becomes very blurred.
Cause: The working principle of the thermal transfer barcode printer is that one material is transferred to another material through high temperature, but if the printed material is melted at this temperature, it will stick to the carbon ribbon.
Solution: lower the temperature of the print head, or reduce the pressure of the print head, you can also reduce the working environment of the printer, such as turn on the air conditioner.

  1. Problem: Ribbon is wrinkled

Solution: The ribbon is not correctly wrapped around the machine, and the ribbon needs to be reinstalled correctly. The temperature setting is incorrect, adjust the printing temperature to meet the printing requirements as much as possible.
The pressure and balance of the print head are not set correctly and need to be reset to the small pressure required for printing. The media has not set the correct paper feed amount, and the correct paper feed amount of the media needs to be reset.

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