Barcode ribbon

what is a ribbon
Ribbon is an office consumable and a very important material when printing. Generally speaking, the quality of the ribbon, in addition to determining the life of the print head, is also related to the printing effect. A good carbon ribbon can protect the print head, the effect can be accurately attached to the paper, and it is not easy to spread or fall off.
extended data category
, Wax-based carbon ribbons: products with wax and carbon black (assuming black carbon ribbons) as the main materials as coating materials. Wax-based carbon ribbon is the most economical and cheapest carbon ribbon. It is mainly used for printing on general paper. When using wax-based carbon ribbon, you must pay attention to the cooperation with paper. It is not suitable for materials with smooth surfaces such as mirrors such as PET products.

  1. Resin ribbons: can resist solvents and high temperature, etc., used for chemical product packaging, or must be resistant to high temperature, used for heating parts of electrical appliances, or must be printed on special chemical products such as ‘PET.
  2. Half-fat and half-wax carbon ribbon (mixed carbon ribbon): that is, a product that uses wax and resin as the main material as the coating material. The mixing ratio varies as needed, mainly for materials with a smooth surface. Generally, it is suitable for products with strict surface requirements, such as the identification of common consumable products, which combines the advantages of the two types of ribbons listed above. made.
    Fourth, water-washable carbon ribbon: excellent chemical properties such as scratch resistance, smear resistance, alcohol resistance, etc., after washing, the image can still be kept clear, and there is no adhesion of the washed label during continuous printing.
    installation method
    (1) Open the top cover of the printer to expose the roll paper compartment.
    (2) Press the release buttons on both sides of the printer to open the print head module.
    (3) Open the print head module upward to expose the supply end of the carbon ribbon.
    (4) Unpack the ribbon and take out the ribbon and empty core.
    (5) Connect a small amount of the front end of the ribbon to the empty core.
    (6) Install the ribbon to the supply end of the ribbon (first clip the left end and press the right end).
    (7) Close the print head and put the empty roll core at the carbon ribbon recovery end (the left end of the card is pressed into the right end first).
    (8) Turn the gear on the left end of the print head to make sure the ribbon is tight.
    (9) Press down on both sides of the print head at the same time until you hear a “click”. Finish.